Melvia builds new offfice building and productions plant in Milovice

Melvia builds new offfice building and productions plant in Milovice 1536 1020 Martina Dušková

Years ago, an opportunity came up for us to buy an old military compound in Milovice Mladá. Back then we bought the land as an investment. Our company was small and our Poděbrady office was big enough for our operation. We didn’t even dare to dream about our own manufacturing. During the last few years, the estate underwent lots of changes. At the moment we are finishing our new office building. This year we are planning a final inspection and moving. A bigger building, the one for manufacturing, is coming next.

We construct specific mechanisms for completing production lines that we supply and the number of such orders has significantly increased. From simple conveyors, we have moved to the production of our own continuous proofers, spiral conveyors, retraction conveyors for transporting products on the belt of the oven, discard conveyors (for rejecting non-standard products), and form storage and many others. They are distinguished from the competition by the thought-out design of every detail that is tailored to the needs of each specific product. For example, retraction conveyors for toast bread production are designed with a grasp for each mould. Thanks to that, they don’t push the entire row but each mould individually. That lays out the pressure evenly and does not damage the moulds at the beginning of the row. It is a small improvement, however, it makes returns on the investments quicker.

Such details are also hidden in our new offices, despite them being reconstructed from old buildings. To mention a few, we are having a hanging facade out of ceramic boards or Artemide lighting which gives us the best light conditions for our work. For heating, we chose a heat pump instead of initially intended gas boilers. We are planning to plant solar panels on the rooftops to make us self-sufficient. We were going by the same principles as when we create our production lines and we tried to maximise the potential of the current buildings.

Our clients often have problems fitting production lines to old complicated spaces. It is a challenge and building a new structure on a greenfield is always easier. However, we are fully aware that it is unsustainable in along run that’s why our new headquarters presents are environment friendly using modern technologies.