Our Story

Melvia came into existence during my university studies. I was working as a hostess at baker’s fairs with a company J4, where my father used to work. Thanks to this experience I became knowledgeable in bakery engineering and gained my first contacts in the field. Regarding the subject of my study, which was international trade, it seemed to be a good idea to test the newly gained experience in practice so I started exporting bakery machines to Russian-speaking countries. They were mostly complex projects of automated bakery lines, in which customers needed help with communication with suppliers, coordination of a project, arranging a transport or installation. All of that was my domain. One day I went to see a sourdough fermentation system in a reference bakery. It was my first encounter with Isern Hager and their method of sourdough preparation. We immediately started our partnership. This technology amazed me because it joins together traditional bakery production and modern machinery. When it came to fusion of this brand with Diosna, the offer for representing Diosna in Czech Republic was one of the offers that you can not say no. Diosna has always been close to my heart. Their kneading machines are the top available quality and their varnished kneaders with fixed bowl are simply beautiful – they come from the times when constructers paid attention to design. It is precious to see these days.  

Up to this day, Melvia represents several reputable and perspective brands. I intentionally used a word several instead of many. Our goal is not to represent just anyone. We want to offer machines, that are unique, innovative and high quality to bakers. We want to make sure that our suppliers share our passion for bakery, and so do our customers. Our work doesn’t end with a delivery. We love to see our customers being successful and it is our pleasure to be helpful to them.

Our Vision

We supply our bakers with modern machines which work in harmony with traditional craft. We are here to preserve a traditional bakery in the modern world. Because we love good bread.

We are here to preserve a traditional bakery in the modern world.

Vitalie Dalecká

Vita is a true expert in the bakery field as well as leading the whole team. She takes care of the happiness of our customers all over the world. In the office, she is always accompanied by her fluffy helper Erika.

Pavel Poláček

Pavel is a technology expert. His automated bakery lines are running in more than 40 in Belarus. Many more are baking in Russiam, Mongolia and Georgia. In 2020 Pavel became an executive director of Melvia alongside his daughter Vita. In a spare time he is working on craft projects.

Hana Nykodymová

Hanka, just like her father, used to teach young bakers at Food-processing technical school in Pardubice. In our company, she makes sure that all Czech bakeries produce fine products. She can help you with anything, including making flour or baking tasty baked goods.

Ladislav Jezdinský

Láďa is in charge of customer service and he helps them with their bakery equipment. If you don’t find him cracking jokes in the office, he supervises the arrangement of our orders. Being versatile sportsman, he can solve every problem while keeping a cool head.

Kateřina Junková

Katka takes care of running the entire office. Apart from the important contracts, she makes sure that deadlines are being met. And it doesn’t matter whether the deadline is for machine delivery or coffee. After work, she still has enough energy to manage cynology club.

Do you want to be part of the team? Our doors are always open for new talents!

At the moment we are looking for colleagues for positions driver and service technician.

None of the open positions suits you? Don’t worry. Send us your CV and a few sentences about why do you want to work with us on melvia@melvia.eu!