Melvia is a supplier of bakery machines and ingredients for bakers.
We arrange deliveries of manufacturing lines, provide professional technological sevices and guarantee 24/7 service of the machines.


Visit at Lithuanian Dovaina 1536 757 Martina Dušková

Visit at Lithuanian Dovaina

At the beginning of 2020, our technologist Hanka and our sales manager Láďa visited Lithuanian city Kauna, place of our partner Dovaina. Their visit started at a local bakery, where they could see a production of buttons but mostly try Dovaina’s cutting machine in operation. At the second part of their day, the programme was…

Vitalie Štěpánková in Metro news 1128 1153 Martina Dušková

Vitalie Štěpánková in Metro news

In the issue of Metro from 11th December 2019, you could read an article about Melvia founder Vita Štěpánková. We would also love to wish her all the best to her today’s birthday! You can read the article above or on the website of  Metro.

We always look for a solution, not guilt says the founder of Melvia 1281 1920 Martina Dušková

We always look for a solution, not guilt says the founder of Melvia

One of our blog’s goals is to give you a behind-the-scenes look into life in Melvia. And the best place to start is, of course, our founder, Vitalie Štěpánková. We asked her several questions that will show you how she runs the company. Where did you get the idea of the company and what made…

We are here to preserve a traditional bakery in the modern world.

About Us

Melvia came into existence during my university studies. I was working as a hostess at baker’s fairs with a company J4, where my father used to work. Thanks to this experience I became knowledgeable in bakery engineering and gained my first contacts in the field. Regarding the subject of my study, which was international trade, it seemed to be a good idea to test the newly gained experience in practice so I started exporting bakery machines to Russian-speaking countries. Up to this day, Melvia represents several reputable and perspective brands. I intentionally used a word several instead of many. Our goal is not to represent just anyone. We want to offer machines, that are unique, innovative and high quality. We want to make sure that our suppliers share our passion for bakery, and so does our customers. Our work doesn’t end with a delivery. We love to see our customers being successful and it is our pleasure to be helpful to them.