We are distributor of equipment for bakery and confectionery. We collaborate with renowned manufacturers, who focus on producing high quality machines just as much as the quality of the final products. In our portfolio, you can also find perspective suppliers of latest technologies and innovations.


Story of a brand: Maquinaria Viñas 1800 444 Martina Dušková

Story of a brand: Maquinaria Viñas

Our new blog series will introduce you to the brands you will find in our range and their stories. Today, searching for unique and innovative baking machines, we head to Barcelona, Spain. The first partner we’ll introduce you to is Maquinaria Viñas, a family-owned company with over 30 years of history. Their story is an…

We are getting ready for IBA – The largest global exhibition of baking and confectionery! 785 509 Martina Dušková

We are getting ready for IBA – The largest global exhibition of baking and confectionery!

With excitement, we can announce our participation in the prestigious IBA trade fair, which will take place in Munich from October 22nd to 26th. This exhibition is a globally recognized event in the field of baking and confectionery. In this article, we will introduce you to the most interesting things you will see at the…

Workshop with the Baker junior 2022 winners 981 825 Martina Dušková

Workshop with the Baker junior 2022 winners

Baker junior is an annual award held in the Czech Republic. In collaboration with the IMPA company, we invited the three winners to a workshop in IMPA’s bakery centre in Pilsen. From Brno, we have welcomed student of High School Charbulova Lukáš Vyhlídal and from Pardubice Than Thi Huong and Maxmilián Malý who study High…

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About Us

Melvia came into existence during my university studies. I was working as a hostess at baker’s fairs with a company J4, where my father used to work. Thanks to this experience I became knowledgeable in bakery engineering and gained my first contacts in the field. Regarding the subject of my study, which was international trade, it seemed to be a good idea to test the newly gained experience in practice so I started exporting bakery machines to Russian-speaking countries. Up to this day, Melvia represents several reputable and perspective brands. I intentionally used a word several instead of many. Our goal is not to represent just anyone. We want to offer machines, that are unique, innovative and high quality. We want to make sure that our suppliers share our passion for bakery, and so does our customers. Our work doesn’t end with a delivery. We love to see our customers being successful and it is our pleasure to be helpful to them.