Melvia is a supplier of bakery machines and ingredients for bakers.
We arrange deliveries of manufacturing lines, provide professional technological sevices and guarantee 24/7 service of the machines.


PF 2022 2560 1709 Martina Dušková

PF 2022

We would love to with you and your loved one beautiful Christmas holidays and all the health, luck and happiness in the upcoming year. Thank you for all your favours and we can’t wait to work with you in 2022! :)    

Installation in Mongolia is being finalised! 2560 1593 Martina Dušková

Installation in Mongolia is being finalised!

In the far Mongolia, our colleagues are finishing installation of proofing system „paternoster.“ It will ensure a smooth operation for 400 sheets per hour and their cleaning and greasing. This line can produce 1000 kg of puff pastry, for which proofing is one of the most important technological processes. The processed dough needs to be…

Visit in “Náš Chléb” bakery 1536 1024 Martina Dušková

Visit in “Náš Chléb” bakery

In today’s article, we would love to introduce the bakery “Náš Chléb.” We collaborate with them for over two years now and we paid them a visit to see how their production is going and to have a chat with their leader Pavel Mikula. not only about their bakery but also about the bakery process. …

We are here to preserve a traditional bakery in the modern world.

About Us

Melvia came into existence during my university studies. I was working as a hostess at baker’s fairs with a company J4, where my father used to work. Thanks to this experience I became knowledgeable in bakery engineering and gained my first contacts in the field. Regarding the subject of my study, which was international trade, it seemed to be a good idea to test the newly gained experience in practice so I started exporting bakery machines to Russian-speaking countries. Up to this day, Melvia represents several reputable and perspective brands. I intentionally used a word several instead of many. Our goal is not to represent just anyone. We want to offer machines, that are unique, innovative and high quality. We want to make sure that our suppliers share our passion for bakery, and so does our customers. Our work doesn’t end with a delivery. We love to see our customers being successful and it is our pleasure to be helpful to them.