Storing & Batching

Silos and pneumatic transport
Storing and batching of loose ingredients
Storing and batching of liquids
Controls and automatizations

Fermentation system

Rye fermentation
Bread fermentation
Wheat fermentation
Aroma technologies
Automated systems
Other fermentating systems

Preparation of dough

___________ (šlehače)
Automated systems
__________ (překlápeče)

Ice Machines

Chip ice machines
StreamIce® machines
Ice storage
Automated systems

Kvasové technologie

Feeding hopper
Dividing machines
Benier control scale Checkweigher Dough Controller
Preliminary proofer IK1/IK2
BTF Moulders


Swing proofers
Spiral proofers
Step proofers


Convectional ovens
Deck ovens

Cooling systems

Spiral cooling machines
Hanging cooling machines

Cutting & packaging

Bread slicers
Horizontal cutting

Automation & Robotics



Line for sticks making
Confectionery machines OKA
Decorations, icings and toppings


Kromě distribuce zařízení našich dlouholetých spolehlivých partnerů připravujeme výrobu zařízení pod naší vlastní značkou. Sledujte náš blog a sociální sítě, aby vám neunikly žádné novinky! Prozatím můžete využít služeb naší projekční kanceláře, která vám ráda na míru navrhne kynárny, chladírny, dopravníkové systémy i kompletní výrobní linky. Rádi zapojíme též našeho technologa, který se postará o vývoj receptury výrobku.

Esteve creates unique systems of ingredients dosing. They are masters of proces management and their automation. Esteve has more than 60 years experience in the field.

Diosna is synonymous for the best mixers on the market. No wonder, if you consider that they invented first automated dough kneader in the beginning of 20th century.

Precise dividers and gentle shaping of the dough – this is Benier. Traditional manufacturer from the Netherlands is number on in the field as a member of Kaak group.

Young and inovative company from Slovinia BTF produces rounders, moulders and preliminary proofers. Their products are perfect combination of good quality for reasonable price.

Dovaina bread slicers were proofed by complicated and hard rye baltic bread during their construction. The producer of the cutting and packaging machines is ready to manage even the most complicated bakery products.

Family company Ziegra has already 50 years of experience in ice machines development. Their speciality is Streamice® – pumpable ice suitable for temperature regulation of mixing processes (as dough for example).

OKA produces bakery and confectionery machines. OKA is the most reliable partner from the idea until the start up of the line. Their machines are designed to the highest quality standards and longlasting life.

German family company Dojatec is specialized in production of machines for decorating the products with glazing, spraying or dipping. Dojatec machines are unique for their special construction with maximal functionality.

French company Pattyn is expert in packaging the products, control of the quality, weight and counting of the bakery products in continuous lines. With over 65 years of experience and know-how in industrial packaging, Pattyn offers compact standard machines and also individualised turnkey solutions.

Maquinaria Viñas has more than 30 years experience in the manufacture of industrial bakery and pastry machinery. Their automatic machines for the bakery industry can work highly hydrated or complex doughs like gluten-free dough, achieving the same quality as artisanal „handmade“ products.

Main goal of the oven producer is to produce innovative and high quality products. The company was founded in 1976 by young engineer Vedat Özpinar and extendst their product range for new equipment every year. Since 90’s the company produces rotary, convection and deck ovens with cyclothermic or steampipe heating.