Melvia collaborates with VŠCHT students

Melvia collaborates with VŠCHT students 1536 1221 Martina Dušková

Melvia has started to develop its products in collaboration with University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague. Our common goal is to create a detailed study on fermentation of glutenfree flour.

The whole research is run by Bc. Michaela Sadílková who is comparing bakery products made out of three types of leavens made by rye, wheat and rice starter. The last-named, the rice one, may be used for glutenfree pastry. Its use could ensure that glutenfree products may gain similar taste to the traditional baked goods and improve their aroma, taste and freshness.

Mentioned fermentation systems are supplied by DIOSNA, which Melvia represents in the Czech Republic. Results of the research will be presented during  Salima fair, which will take place in November 2020 at Brno Exhibition Centre. If you would like to try fermentation in your bakery, contact us at