Story of a brand: Maquinaria Viñas

Story of a brand: Maquinaria Viñas 1800 444 Martina Dušková

Our new blog series will introduce you to the brands you will find in our range and their stories. Today, searching for unique and innovative baking machines, we head to Barcelona, Spain. The first partner we’ll introduce you to is Maquinaria Viñas, a family-owned company with over 30 years of history. Their story is an example of a constant spirit of innovation and commitment to quality that appealed to us very much.

30 years of experience

Maquinaria Viñas has more than three decades of experience in the production of baking machines. This long history in the industry makes it one of the leading players in the market. They started as a family business and have managed to keep the family atmosphere even through years of growth and expansion.

Flexibility and Quality as handmade

A key feature of Maquinaria Viñas machines is the focus on fine dough processing. Thanks to the Plaff Plaff H20 technology, dough processing is perfectly stress-free. The resulting pastry’s quality is what you would achieve in handmade production. Their machines do not extrude the dough and do not squeeze out the gases produced during the ripening process.

Maquinaria Viñas produces completely customized machines to meet the needs of different types of clients. From bakery and confectionery chains, to large food companies, to bakery distributors for selected restaurants. Their automatic machines can work with highly hydrated doughs (up to 95%) and specific flours, including gluten-free.

Wide range of products

Maquinaria Viñas produces moulding lines for different types of bakery products: rustic bread, ciabatta, round bread, gluten-free bread, baguettes, pizza, pita bread, hamburger buns, croissants, twisters, puff pastry products and much more. Their machines are designed to grow with the client’s needs, thanks to a modular system that allows for additional modules to be added and new types of products to be added.

Maquinaria Viñas philosophy

Maquinaria Viñas’ philosophy is based on versatility, modularity and quality of the final product. Their technical support before and after the sale is an essential element to satisfy the client’s needs. In their testing laboratory, you can test your raw materials and configure the machines to best suit your production. And once your machines are up and running, you’ll have reliable service, either on-site or remotely.

Company History

Maquinaria Viñas was founded in 1994 in Barcelona by Josep Maria Viñas, who had more than 30 years of experience in the field of baking and confectionery machines. His courageous and entrepreneurial spirit laid the foundations of the brand in the world market, alongside large international companies. He was later joined by his son, Sagar Viñas, who brought his engineering skills and business abilities, which led to the company’s growth and consolidation in the international market.

Want to see the technology for yourself?

If you are interested in seeing Maquinaria Viñas technology in operation and finding out, come visit us at the IBA trade fair in Munich, which takes place from 22-26 October. Our partners from Maquinaria Viñas will be exhibiting their latest machines and will be happy to show you how they can improve the quality and productivity of your production. For more information, read our previous article.