Workshop with the Baker junior 2022 winners

Workshop with the Baker junior 2022 winners 981 825 Martina Dušková

Baker junior is an annual award held in the Czech Republic. In collaboration with the IMPA company, we invited the three winners to a workshop in IMPA’s bakery centre in Pilsen. From Brno, we have welcomed student of High School Charbulova Lukáš Vyhlídal and from Pardubice Than Thi Huong and Maxmilián Malý who study High School of Food industry and services. We have introduced them to both companies. As Melvia Trade we presented our fermentation technology, aroma, machines and Diosna, which we represent. IMPA added information on making mixtures for bakers and showed them their new mixing centre.

After a delicious lunch, we moved on to a practical part of our workshop and started preparing an aroma mixture for the following day and started our excursions. First of them was a visit to the famous Pilsen brewery, the place where legendary Pilsner Urquell beer was born. We have learnt about the history of beer making, saw the operations and of course, tasted the beer, which is made in a traditional way just like it was when this brewery was opened. We can confirm the assertion that bread is a liquid beer.

After arriving at our hotel and having dinner, we drove to industrial bakery UB Plzeň. Its chief Mr Štěpánek told us lots of information about making bread and other common bakery goods on automated lines. Our young bakers could see the difference between the traditional baking and industrial automated lines. They could see modern machinery which manages human work and requires experts with not only technical education but also practical and management skills.

The following day we visited Dobřany bakery, where we were welcomed by its owner Mr Fonhauser, who allowed us to look backstage and see the secret of traditional Dobřany bread. He showed us not only traditional bakery products but also added lots of useful advice for the starting bakers. We hope that learning about what it’s like to run a bakery won’t keep our young bakers from pursuing their dreams.

After that, we travelled back to IMPA’s centre so that we can start baking using the previously prepared aroma. During the time we had a lovely catering from the girl of Vlasta “Kutil.” We hope that this two-day workshop was useful and fun and we wish our junior bakers that their dreams will come true we can’t wait for next year’s bakery competition!