We are getting ready for IBA – The largest global exhibition of baking and confectionery!

We are getting ready for IBA – The largest global exhibition of baking and confectionery! 785 509 Martina Dušková

With excitement, we can announce our participation in the prestigious IBA trade fair, which will take place in Munich from October 22nd to 26th. This exhibition is a globally recognized event in the field of baking and confectionery. In this article, we will introduce you to the most interesting things you will see at the fair.

You will find us at booth A2/340 under Diosna company. Diosna will present the latest trends in dough preparation processes at the trade fair. Among the recent innovations, mention can be made of kneaders with special hygienic frame construction. The kneader is completely hydraulic-free, operating solely on electric power, which simplifies its operation and maintenance. The latest technology offered by Diosna includes automated dough fermentation systems. The movement of dough carts is ensured by an intelligent, independent robotic module. These systems significantly reduce labour-intensive manual work in bakeries. Compared to the carousel or linear systems, they are much more flexible in both technological parameters and space requirements.

One of our key partners exhibiting at the fair is Maquinaria Vinas. This company from Spain offers a range of shaping lines for bread dough – from wheat-based to special, including gluten-free options. Their Plaff-Plaff H2O technology is particularly suitable for highly hydrated doughs.

At IBA, you will be able to see a bread line and a line for shaping dough for Neapolitan pizza. If you would like to witness the equipment in operation while processing the dough, feel free to contact us, and we will gladly provide you with the presentation schedule.

The second range of equipment that Maquinaria Vinas specializes in is laminating lines for puff pastry. Thanks to the Plaff-Plaff technology, dough processing is perfectly stress-free. This is a modular device. By assembling individual modules, it’s possible to create a dough block for subsequent manual processing or continuous dough sheets. At the end of the line, there can be shaping equipment for the final dough processing, typically for croissants, highly popular twists, or any other products, including filling, sprinkling, or other decorations.

Another interesting exhibitor is the company Auxpama. They specialize in waterjet cutting. Unlike conventional knife cutting, this method is much more efficient and flexible. The cutting module can be standalone and work with trolleys or integrated into a continuous line. The equipment can work with peelboards as well as sheets, providing a wide range of applications.

The cutting head is equipped with an optical sensor for precise product position detection. As a result, the cut is placed very accurately, regardless of whether the products are arranged in a uniform grid. If a product is missing from a position, the head skips a step, preventing unnecessary wetting of an empty area.

Come and see how our technologies work in real operation and get a personal explanation from us. We believe that together with our partners Diosna, Maquinaria Vinas, Auxpama, and many others, we will bring a new era of modern equipment for bakers and confectioners!